As you can see from browsing our website, we have several very reputable insurance companies from which to choose. However, we said that we are here to help you find the right company based on your unique situation. We take into consideration your individual health conditions.

You may use this site to get quotes and apply online for your health coverage, however, that may not be the price of coverage you will pay once you go through the underwriting process because the underwriters thought your medical condition/s were more serious than you thought.

To help you avoid this disappointment, we recommend that you click on the pre-application on this page, fill it out and email it or fax it back to us directly. We will call various companies underwriters and receive an informal review of your application. We will then call you back with their findings to let you know informally which company looks the most favorable for your situation. At this point you can determine if and what company you would like to apply. This process will help you to not receive a formal decline on your health insurance record, which alone can disqualify you from getting coverage with another company.

Assurant Health

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City



International Medical Group

United Health One

Delta Dental

HSA Bank

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